About Us

Welcome to Euro Star Complex French

This company is the first producer of modular aluminum panels in Spain. Such panels are produced in the factories and workshops of this company and specialized and efficient human power were chosen for cooperation in different levels from designing to implementing. The big honor of this company is producing a structure without rubble with latest technology as well as high and unique quality in Iran. We hope it can be developed in all countriesthat are in the risk of earthquake to establish an industrial and safe structure with long life and employment.

According to the standard calculations and estimations of Europe` this structure has the life of 150 years and it is 100% anti aearthquake (without rubble) and 100% waterproof.

Safety and beauty of the home we live in is divine right of the people in this country. We hope that someday the local technology of this company and the similar technologies are replaced by the traditional and semi-industrial methods of construction as soon as possible so that it can deal with faults in Iran and the fertile lands are not destroyed and the calculated structure is established based on the standards of inland and global bylaws.