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A note by the manager and the holder of technology

Real industrializing means: speed in the implementation of construction projects in each country by maintaining the quality and competition in price and this equals controlling inflation and enhancing the affordability of buying home for public.

How can we enjoy the city we live in and be relaxed in its dwellings?

Beauty and safety are the two sides of the satisfaction coin and we should look for them in the structure of our city, disclose its secrets and apply all our technical and innovative power to revive it. All of these are the initial and basic steps for reaching a dream city.

Some countries are on the earthquake belt in this globe. Earthquake means the risk which is ahead of us and we must do something about it. The risk can be dealt with through consciousness, sensitivity and attention, but we should look back at the days passed in negligence and non-professional decisions and try to restore wrong approaches.

Today, we need to comply with all the by-laws and criteria related to the strength of structures. The risk of earthquake and death tolls and property damages resulting from that have been alarming especially during the recent years which must be taken into account. Paying attention to the need for changing design and strength of structures at this time that everything requires progress and foresight, is necessary. Providing workmanship through blocks, brick, pottery and so on shouldn’t have any station. A society that is about to be industrialized must resort to industrial tools as well.

Previous experiences of producing structures reveal that many fertile lands are destroyed in the process of production and many traditional and semi-industrial brick factories with farming property pollute the environment by consuming fossil fuels and with the life span that cannot survive more than 30, 40 or 50 years. Now that we want to reduce the rate of errors and have a healthier environment what should we do?

One safe and right way is to move toward the equations and calculations of the latest technologies that have experienced their trial and errors; we must go toward very scientific and industrial structures and decrease the rate of future risks by monitoring the implementation precisely.

One of such industrial structures with high reliability is an industrial technology from Spain entitled Euro Star.

Euro Star Company possessed and led by Mr. Ali Nekunam Saruee was established in 1995.

Mass construction of buildings and creating residential towns are the main activities of this company that applies new industrial method.

This system is called (modular aluminum panels with injection of concrete in situ). This company is the first producer of modular aluminum panels in Spain. Such panels are produced in the factories and workshops of this company and specialized and efficient human power were chosen for cooperation in different levels from designing to implementing. The big honor of this company is producing a structure without rubble with latest technology as well as high and unique quality in Iran. We hope it can be developed in all countries that are in the risk of earthquake to establish an industrial and safe structure with long life and employment.

According to the standard calculations and estimations of Europe, this structure has the life of 150 years and it is 100% anti-earthquake (without rubble) and 100% waterproof.

Safety and beauty of the home we live in is divine right of the people in this country. We hope that someday the local technology of this company and the similar technologies are replaced by the traditional and semi-industrial methods of construction as soon as possible so that it can deal with faults in Iran and the fertile lands are not destroyed and the calculated structure is established based on the standards of inland and global bylaws.

The head of board of directors and the managing director

 Ali Nekunam